Monday, April 23, 2012

France Gasoline at Record Levels in March

Prices for gasoline (gazole and super sans plomb 98) reached record levels in March in nominal terms at 1.68 Euro per liter for the super sans plomb.

Nominal prices for 1 liter of Gazole and super sans plomb (98 octane).
One reason for this rise is of course the fall of the Euro currency compared to the US dollar, prices in France are about 2 times price levels in the US:

Nominal prices for 1 US Gallon of gasoline (retail price).


  1. I found your site @ The Oil Drum. I like it. Here's a chart from my blog you might enjoy:

  2. Incredible, isn’t it? Americans would have all out riots and business would shut down if it got that high in the States. For more interesting information click here.

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