Sunday, April 15, 2012

Energy Production Data from Statistics Canada

Good news for Canadians. Since February 2012, data sets on energy production and consumption, maintained by Statistics Canada, are now available online free of charge:
More free data on the Statistics Canada website
December 8, 2011
OTTAWA — On February 1, 2012, self-serve standard products available on the Statistics Canada website—including CANSIM and census data products—will become free of charge.
Statistics Canada will maintain current pricing practices for products such as print publications, maps, CD-ROMs, and custom products and services.
Licensing restrictions for the use of Statistics Canada data products will be removed. 

There are plenty of data, for instance this one about total supply starting in 1985:

Data are in cubic meters per month so in order to get figures in US barrels you need to multiply by 6.289.

Canada supply (src: Statistics Canada)
Note that in this dataset, Total Supply includes crude oil production plus total crude oil imports. Crude oil production matches exactly the data available on the EIA website.

Crude oil production from Statistic Canada compared to the EIA data (red line).
If you want to get data for crude oil production prior to 1985, you can use the following table which has been terminated:

It is shown as a green line on the figure below.

Crude oil production from Statistic Canada (Table 126-0002 in green and 126-0001 in blue) compared to the EIA data and BP. 

Natural Gas Liquids numbers are listed in different time series, monthly data can be found in this one but with a 6 months lag:

Table   132-0001 -  Supply and demand for natural gas liquids and liquefied petroleum gases, monthly (cubic metres)


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