Sunday, December 11, 2011

List of Oil Megaprojects as a Google Spreadsheet

I've started a spreadsheet copy of the Wikipedia oil megaprojects database. All the original data has been transferred (see below the fold) except for links that I may add in the coming days. I think a Google spreadsheet is much more appropriate than Wikipedia tables for manipulating data and exports in various formats. If anyone is interested, just send me an email for an invite.

If you see some projects missing, you can simply fill up this form, the project information will then be added to the spreadsheet after verification. All the new project candidates are listed here.


  1. While it remains to be seen if the stats are going to turn out to be accurate, the general idea is spot on. Oil reserves are eventually going to be depleted. It will be interesting to see how governments react to and prepare for that scary eventuality.